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MCP alumni provides a platform for the exchange of information between budding and practicing pharmacists. First batch of students passed out in the year 2010. Since then, around 600 students have graduated and are well placed in various organizations and contributing to the welfare of society.

Executive Members

Bye Laws

  1. Name of association: The name of association shall be Mallige College of Pharmacy Alumni Association.
  2. Registered Office: Registered office of the association situated at Malleswaram, Bangalore.
  3. Aims and Objectives: The aims and Objectives for which the association is established are as follows:
    1. To bring the Alumni’s of Mallige College of Pharmacy under vibrant form for the exchange of knowledge, share experience and to develop the strong bonding among themselves.
    2. To create a forum to recollect their memories, tradition of institution. 3.3 To create a platform to serve link between present and past students of Mallige college of Pharmacy.
    3. To maintain database with the details of name, permanent and present address, occupation, mobile number, e-mailid, year of passing and name of the course. 3.5 To encourage the growth and development of Mallige college of Pharmacy through alumni in the areas of research, industry – institution interaction, placements, internships and admission.
    4. To conduct or organise programmes like personality development, seminars and workshops to update the knowledge of budding pharmacists.
    5. To organise get – together sports, cultural or other competitions to strengthen the bond between alumni’s and present students.
    6. To encourage the outstanding students among alumni’s for pursuing higher studies or best performance in their area of work.
    7. To interact with alumni’s in development of infrastructure of college and improve facilities in institution.
    8. To establish alumni fund for offering scholarship for needy students. 3.11 To raise the funds to fulfil the needs of alumni association. To utilise the funds in consultation with executive committee.
  4. Name, address and occupation of members subscribe to the memorandum of association are as follows: a. President, b. Vice- President, c. General Secretary, d. Joint Secretary, e. Treasurer, f. Six Executive committee members.
  5. Members: The members of association consists of the following persons:
    1. All UG, PG, Pharma D.graduates and Diploma holders of Mallige College of Pharmacy are eligible to become members of association on payment of life – membership fee of rupees 100.
    2. The life – members nominated by the Patron shall be the members of first executive committee and shall hold office for the period of three academic years.
    3. Principal of Mallige college of Pharmacy shall be the Patron.
  6. Administration:
    1. The Administration of association shall rest on executive committee consisting of President, Vice- president, General secretary, Joint secretary, Treasurer and six executive members.
    2. The President, Vice- president, Secretary, Treasurer shall be designated as office bearers.
    3. All outgoing executive committee members are eligible for re- election.
  7. Election: During the third year term of executive committee, the executive committee meeting to be held. The committee shall schedule for nominations and call for nominations from eligible members. Each nomination should be proposed in association with willingness of candidate, in writing duly signed by nominee with the date. The Secretary shall pass on the nominations received to the committee. The committee conducts the voting and elects members.
  8. General Body Meeting:
    1. The executive committee shall convene general body meeting of all members once in year.
    2. Notice of meeting shall specify the day, time, place and agenda of meeting. In case any amendment of bylaw or objectives of association as contained in the memorandum is intended to be proposed, shall contain copy of each such amendment.
  9. Expulsion and Removal of members:
    1. Frequent actions of any member, if found by the governing body, are detrimental to interest and are in violation of the rules and regulations of the association, he or she may be after due enquiry suspended or expelled from the association by govering body.
    2. The resignation and removal of governing body member shall be with as has been prescribed as in case of other members noted here before.
    3. The terms of office of executive committee shall be three year unless it is dissolved or terminated.

News Room

Shares information and conveys greeting’s for theAlumni’s for their best performance/ achievements.
Management, Principal, Staff of Mallige College ofPharmacy, BangaloreCongratulates !!!!
The following students for securing first rank in B.Pharm and M.Pharm course during the year 2020 and received the GOLD MEDAL from the President of India Mr. Ram Nath Kovind
and also received the Cash prize from the management
Mr. Suraj Yadav B.Pharm
Mr. Yadav Deepak Prajati M.pharm
Mr. Narayan Sah Sonar M.Pharm
Mrs. Hemalatha M.Pharm


MCP’s Alumni Association meets annually and maintains a cordial relationship between fresher's and alumni.

List of Alumni

List of B. Pharm Alumni
SI.No Year of Passing No. of students
1 2006 - 2010 19
2 2007 - 2011 31
3 2008 - 2012 21
4 2009 - 2013 25
5 2010 - 2014 16
6 2011 - 2015 13
7 2012 - 2016 31
8 2013 - 2017 25
9 2014 - 2018 31
10 2015 – 2019 72
11 2016 - 2020 71
12 2017-2021 46
13 2018-2022 86

List of M.Pharm Alumni
SI.No Year of Passing No. of students
1 2010 - 2012 12
2 2011 - 2013 07
3 2012 - 2014 04
4 2013 - 2015 21
5 2014 - 2016 09
6 2015 - 2017 17
7 2016 - 2018 25
8 2017 - 2019 10
9 2018 - 2020 19
10 2019-2021 17
11 2020-2022 22

List of D.Pharm Alumni
SI.No Year of Passing No. of students
1 2016 - 2018 28
2 2017 - 2019 55
3 2018 - 2020 29
4 2019-2021 30
5 2020-2022 30
List of Alumni

  1. Name of association: The name of association shall be Mallige College of Pharmacy Alumni Association.